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Dear Reader,

Here is my story.  It begins in 2012.
When Lisa, my direct up-line offered me the opportunity to host a party. I said yes. I had been her customer for 3 years at that point and was thrilled she wanted to do a party for me. I knew we would have fun and I would receive free and discounted products. I was totally in! I love a deal!While planning my party she offered the business opportunity to me. I flat out said no. I even giggled because, my idea of “selling anything” was = to being a used car sales man! Also I thought that I would not be good at the business and I have a career that already pays well nor did I have the time. Overall,  I did not see the value of the Creative Memories Opportunity or the benefit it would provide to my family.Guess what Lisa then did? She kept offering. She shared her story and how she was busy too, with an advanced degree like myself and did this business. She shared her dreams with me and said that she thought I was a perfect fit for the business. I could use the business to create more meaning in my life, not just get by with the average job. I had to pause because the truth was, I was in a stressful job situation that took away more than it added to my life. She did not know that. Also she said that this business would allow me to have something fun do in my life. I could not stop thinking about our conversation.We had my party later, and it was a smashing success! I received over $200 in free products and other discounted products. My friends could not stop talking about how much fun they had.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
A week later she called to offer me a special table at her Team Retreat here in Texas. She said that my invite was special and her team wanted to meet me. I gladly said yes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI then experienced something amazing. I saw friendship between the ladies, I saw how much fun they had. I also learned how intelligent and giving her team was. I then realized how special Lisa’s team was to her and then I realized. I wanted that.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Team Mascot!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

I wanted her team to be MY TEAM. I wanted more, I wanted to have the excitement of having a fun job to add to my current job to pay for my student loans.
So I signed up. I’m emotional as I type because I am so grateful for what I was offered.  Their mission became my mission.



Then Creative Memories closed Spring of 2013!

Then it reopened and became Ahni and Zoe by Creative Memories. This was difficult for people because the entire product line changed and we focused on Fast to Fabulous Albums and simplicity. This was difficult for some customers but soon many embraced getting their albums done fast!

Peacockf2fCompleted in 1 episode of Downton Abbey! 🙂



I had so much fun sharing the mission that I promoted to Unit Leader April 2o14!


Then the game changed Summer of 2014.

Then Creative Memories and Ahni and Zoe were purchased by The Flowerdale group.

We relaunched January 2015!!!

Now the best of both worlds is here!

The mission is simple.
Every Child deserves to hold an album in their hands. Every family deserves an album to tell their story. I want to share Creative Memories with as many people as I can because it is important to tell your story. I want to help as many people as I can to tell their story.

Different people ask me: ‘Why should I pay your prices when I can go to the local crafts store with a coupon?’ My reply is simple. I am not selling stuff. I am sharing an opportunity to infuse more hope into your life and benefit your family. To brighten the smile of a child. To increase a child’s self esteem because you gave them an album about their life and why you care about them.
Imagine how you would feel if someone said, ” I thought of you and I made you an album because I care”. Isn’t that such a heart-felt thing a person can share with another person? So that is my story. It has a number of turns but the BEST stories have them. Thank you for reading.
Sarah ~
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